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“How the paint protection film adds years to the car’s life-span.”

“What exactly is the paint protection film.”

Owning a car may not be as impressive in today’s age as it was 3 decades ago. Even back then, the select few who had the privilege of owning a car, had one unshakable thought, how to protect the car’s boy from being scratched? People used to cover their cars with a raincoat type covering or have a special garage or parking spot for their cars to stay astray from the mischievous lot. The times have changed to better days for all, even the cars. Now the paint protection film can be applied on the car’s body to protect it from scratches, discoloration, acid rains, hard water marks.

The PPF or the paint protection film is a laminate which is made with an elastomeric polymeric material that helps it to maintain its shape once stretched. With the help of the shrinkage method, the PPF is applied and let’s be honest, real hard work and efforts are put in.

Benefits of the car paint protection film:

  • Hydrophobic Features: One of the most selling points of any coating available in today’s day and age, be it a ceramic coat or a Teflon coating or the car paint protection film, is that they are hydrophobic in nature. Which means, as soon as the body of the car is splashed with water, it will swiftly roll down without leaving any marks.
  • Scratch proof: The PPF has self-healing features that can actually heal the laminated layer from the scratches. Any minor scratches made by branches, washing techniques, etc, will be self-healed in no time.
  • Protection against Acid: There is acid in the bird droppings and tree sap, which can harm the body’s paint within a couple of hours. The PPF protects the car’s body paint from such impurities.
  • Enhanced look: The PPF brings in an enhanced and high-definition shine to the car’s body. One can easily spot the difference between a car that has PPF from the car which doesn’t. The shine and look are that obvious.
  • Invisible: The paint protection film or the PPF is a clear and invisible top coat. That means, you can boast your favourite colour with confidence.
  • No yellowing: The PPF works like a protective layer over the body, which means that first, it will protect the colour of the body and has no yellowing effect to it.
  • Durable: Paint protection films commonly feature warranties of 5, 10, or 12 years. This is a significant period of optimal service life, and replacing a paint job in the meantime (due to insufficient protection) would be a monumental expense.

There are many types of paint protection film available nowadays. There are windshield protection films and the window tint films that protect the glass and windshield of the car. By getting all 3 of these, the car’s body, windows and windshield are protected. The windshield and window PPF also reduce the impact of any accidents or breakage to a good amount.

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