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Maintenance Wash helps maintain the durability:

After getting the oh-so lovely services like Ceramic Coating, Clarity Coating or Paint Protection Film, maintaining it is also an important step for a flawless shine. To remain stress free and enjoy the Warranty period, getting a re-check-up and maintenance wash is necessary.

The Maintenance wash can actually help the car to retain its shine, protective layer and not cumulate any residue. People often get the fancy services and top coats and just non-chalet about it. This is more of a disaster than not getting one. Maintenance is important for all.

Services included in the Maintenance Wash:

Apart from these services, a recheck-up can also be done in case of any damages or dents. Although the maintenance wash is a paid service, it wont cost you as much. If you calculate the costs, a maintenance wash will be more pocket friendly.

The maintenance wash is a complete car washing package. The interiors, the engine, the tyres, the exteriors will be looked after with care. The maintenance wash does not harm or remove the special coatings off. In fact, by getting this wash, the coatings will be refreshed and stick by you for a longer time.




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