Mafia Programs

The Bull Mafia

Give your car a well deserved steam bath The healthier way to get your car washed

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The Iceman Mafia

Life’s too short to sit in a dirty seat! The more commonly known ‘Dry-clean Package’

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The Wolf Mafia

That new car feel & smell Dry cleaned interiors with shiny seats and no foul odor

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The Viper Mafia

Brand new. Inside out A steamy wash with dry cleaned interiors

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The Shark Mafia

Get rid of those scratches The more commonly known ‘Rubbing’

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The Wise Guy Mafia

The most essential package for your car’s long life and safety Protect your car from rains & everyday wear

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The Al Capone Mafia

Rejuvenate that new car feel Our famous Paint protection package

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The Phantom Mafia

A complete makeover. Give your car a complete new look, inside & out Washed, Dry-cleaned & Paint Protected

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The God Father Mafia

Pamper your new car now so that it remains new forever Everything your car needs

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