There is always that one brainiac in every class who asks ‘Why does a micron even matter, what is something so small going to do?’ What if we say, with a thickness upto 350 microns added to your car, it wouldn’t get damaged for ever!

Carefully handcrafted and designed, keeping in mind the durability of every automobile, ClarityCoat offers the ultimate protection.

Imagine buying the car of your dreams, wouldn’t it break your heart to know if it had developed even a tiny scratch?

The speciality of ClarityCoat is that it looks exactly like automotive paint, but it does not yellow and it can be sanded, and polished to get the touch of class your car deserves.

Here is why you should get ClarityCoat instead of a traditional Vinyl Wrap:

What if we told you that this ultimate protection technology not only looks like paint but is also removable and changeable? Technically, you wouldn’t be making any major changes, but still offer your car the protection it needs!

Spray- on / Peelable Paint

How would you like the combination of sprayable paint protection film juxtaposed with the power of vinyl wrap? Without making any alterations to your car stock parts, this will provide your car with a 350 microns layer of protection. Sounds too tempting, doesn’t it? That is exactly what it does. All it takes is for us to spray the film on your car and this keeps your car squeaky clean always and provides the ultimate protection it requires!

Colour Customization

The future of your car is here! Many a time, one wonders how it would be to get a custom design on their vehicle but the thought fades away when they realize it is made of vinyl.

With ClarityCoat, you needn’t worry about that. Whilst giving your car top-notch protection, you can also request for a custom design or a custom colour, which can be normally sprayed. The bonus is that it is easily removable and doesn’t leave behind any sort of adhesion!

The search for your car's protective gear ends here!

Why ClarityCoat is a WOW Product?

Where Can I Apply This Other Than My Car?

More often than ever, expensive motorbikes are becoming all the rage, and customers demand some of the delicate parts of their vehicle to be protected. Before the era of ClarityCoat, traditional PPF was the only option available, but now, you can even demand a 100% customized and personalized design, which doesn't just look cool on your bike, but makes it absolutely invincible on road!

All-Terrain Vehicles, as the names suggests, must have the capability of coursing through some tough terrains. Even though they look sturdy and boisterous, they do not have protection mechanism, i.e. until ClarityCoat was invented.

You might wonder, vinyl by itself has a persistent problem of colours fading away quickly. However, the combination of Vinyl and ClarityCoat together makes an unbeatable duo for maximum protection and stellar design.

Who would have thought that this would end with just land? When we said All-Terrain Vehicles, we meant all terrains, including the water bodies. Traversing through waters all day, all night long, watercrafts need protection on all fronts to conquer the sea. You need not look beyond ClarityCoat.

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