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Ceramic coating is a clear coat which includes a liquid polymer. These come in many forms and types depending upon the composition of the coating. There two components that add together to form a Ceramic coating. The Physical which Protects and the Shine comes from the Chemical component.

When ceramic coating is applied on a car’s body, the polymer forms a chemical bonding with the factory paint. Once coated, it can only be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals. If done correctly, ceramic coating can even last the lifetime of the car.

The various types of Ceramic coating are: ​

SAM by Labocosmetica: Self- Assembled Monolayer:
STC by Labocosmetica: SiO2 + TiO2:
Blindo by Labocosmetica: Base Coat:
HPC by Labocosmetica: Hybrid Polymer Coating:
Opti Coat Pro +:
Opti-Coat Pro3:
Opti-Coat Pro:
Optimum Gloss-Coat:
Opti-Glass Pro:




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Ceramic coating also doesn’t have any side-effects to the original paint. Ceramic coating also lasts longer than regular paint.Your car is a great investment and to maximize the value, you want the most advanced coating in the marketplace to protect your car as long as you own it.

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