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Ceramic Coating

How to Apply Ceramic Coating?

In the last couple of years, the world has seen lots of technical advancements in car care and maintenance. Every year almost, car care product manufacturers have introduced and will be introducing new ideas for paint protection through semi or permanent paint coating. The Detailing Mafia Car ceramic coating provides far better protection than traditional paint sealant or car waxes. They are the best alternative for those customers who don’t want the regular application of car wax or any sealant.

Ceramic Coating
Apply Ceramic Coating

The advantage of Car Coating:

While any traditional car wax or sealant wears off after a period of time, a car paint coating forms a stronger and harder bond which withstand any external harmful elements to a greater degree. Paint coating like Opti Coat is highly resistant to any alkaline cleaners, dirt, road salts, grimes, degreasers and harsh chemicals which can find their way to delicate areas of vehicles.

Paint coating gives a significant advantage over the traditional car wax in a way that they maintain the paint cleaner in between washes. One must know that paint coating forms a greater surface tension known as the sheeting effect. Most of the paint coating is formulated using quartz, resin, nano-glass technology. As soon as the coating is applied on the car body, it forms a contact with the paint which fills and heals the minor swirl pores and pits over the surface making it perfectly smooth. Not just healing, it even protects from future harms like scratches caused by dirt and other abrasives.


Opti Coat is a system of the polymer coating. This helps the coating to give semi-permanent paint protection. Opti Gloss cannot be removed from the car body surface unless it is abraded off the surface physically. This is the best option for them who want something that they can set and forget. The application is easy as it is packaged in a syringe and anyone can do this by following instruction and guideline.

Getting Started with the application process:

For perfect paint coating, you need to have a surface which is free from all sort of contaminants. If the surface is not properly prepared, the coating won’t adhere perfectly, resulting in a less good outcome. With proper guidance and accurate products, you can easily prepare your vehicle for coating.

  1. Removing surface contaminants:

    car detailing
    Car Cleaning

The first and foremost step of coat application starts from cleaning the car’s bodysurface by removing bugs, dust, bird droppings, grits, paint overspray. In car cleaning industry, there exist a couple of options for removing above-surface contaminants. One of the most popular is:

Detailing Clay: it is an engineered resin compound that is used for removing any types of contaminants from paint, glass, metal or fiberglass of the car.  This detailing clay can be synthetic or natural, though synthetic clays are used by most of the manufacturers. Detailing clay holds an abrasive which removes contaminants as a bar is properly rubbed across the car body surface. The clay bar is tacky itself, so any sort of contaminants sticks to clay bar instead of being softly grinded into soft particles which hold the potential to induce scratches.  The only drawback of using detailing clay is iron contaminants cannot be removed that is virtually present in every vehicle. Iron contamination is mainly caused by brake dust. For removing iron contaminants, you need better products as removing corrosive iron is very important. By removing contaminants which are harshly embedded inside the paint surface, you are forming a smooth surface for car coating.

  1. Car Polishing Step:

Car Polish
Car Polishing

Just like the claying process, this polishing procedure is even important. Polishing the car paint using abrasive polisher or compounds helps in removing any types of scratch marks, swirls, below surface contaminants, water and creating a glossy and perfectly shiny surface. Using abrasive polish is necessary if you are aiming to create a flawless finish. Keeping in mind that some of the ceramic coatings like the Opti coat need the finish to be scratch free. You need to go through tricks and tips so as to gain proper polishing techniques. If you are using Opti Coat, creating a flawless and swirl-free finish is a must have a thing. Using a wax can be helpful as it doesn’t leave any kind of disturbance over the surface which prevents the coating from perfectly bonding the car surface.

  1. Application of Paint Coating:

Once you are done with the claying and polishing process, now it’s time for applying the ceramic coating. These car coatings are available in syringes mainly the Opti-Coat. Opti Coat is the most preferred ceramic coating prevailing in auto detailing industry because of its easy application, long durability and extremely glossy surface. Best of all the features, Opti Coat should be applied only by the hands of professionals so as to gain maximum result.

Opti Coat is a unique approach to keep your car surface safe and glossy for many years. This product is easily available in the market in form of 10cc and a 20cc syringe. Hard packaging of the coating is essential as the coating will slowly being to harden after its exposure with oxygen. Once you are done with the application process, the vehicle should be kept in a cool and dry environment for a couple of hours for drying up. After application, you need to avoid any sort of humidity, rain and moisture so better keep the vehicle in the garage.


Just like other convention car waxes, paint coating needs to be maintained properly. Always make sure to use mild soap or shampoo for washing your car as harsh detergent will corrode the coated surface.

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