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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating on Painted Wheels, is It Worth investment?

Just like other painted surface of the car, wheels are subject to everyday harshness of driving along with environmental contaminants like mud, tar and stone chips.  Even, brake dust can cause damage to the freshly painted surface of wheels. Without trusted protection, these metal debris can lead to faded and chipped wheel attracting the wrong attention. The advancement in science and technology had led to many new product introductions in the car detailing industry and fortunately, it has gifts for wheels too. You can protect the painted wheel using ceramic wheel coatings.


ceramic car coating
Ceramic Coating on painted wheels

Ceramic car coating is the updated technology when it comes to protecting the Paint of any car. Unlike other waxes, sealant or paint protection film, the ceramic coating forms a permanent layer which chemically bonds with car paint. Companies like The Detailing Mafia utilizes updated nanotechnology for filling the gaps between the paint and car body. This helps in creating a smooth, glossy and hydrophobic surface which is resistant to any external damages like chemical etching, scratches and grimes.

The protection of this car coating is unmatchable. The paint of your car can even get damaged by minerals in water, bugs, sunlight exposure, and birds dropping. The ceramic car coating forms a polymer like a protective layer which acts as a barrier between contaminants and car’s paint. Detailing mafia companies provides special formulations of ceramic coating mainly for wheels.

The ceramic car coating gives amazing heat resistance. This is important for establishing protection against any damage caused by brake dust as these dust particles can be hot.

Wheels are vulnerable to damage:

Wheels ceramic coating
Painted Car Wheels

This because wheels of vehicles are the lowest and the only car part that comes in contact with roads directly. Furthermore, the wheel’s spokes are inches away from the brakes which means that when the brake pads press against the rotors, the formed dust can strike to wheels easily. These small factors make the wheels exceptionally vulnerable vehicle’s part, therefore, creating a demand for protection.

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