Bike Detailing- Why should Cars have all the Fun!

The fastest on the road, Detailing and Ceramic Coating done at Ultimate The Detailing Mafia. Detailing a bike needs a lot more patience and care than detailing a car. Bike lovers demand the best and ask for the premium products like the Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, Nano Coating, Glass Coating for their ride.

Bike Detailing means attending every nook and corner and taking the effort to do small parts also. Cars usually have large panels and are easier to work on. Bike Detailing also needs more special tools which sadly are difficult to find in India. But at The Detailing Mafia, World Class equipment and chemicals are used.


Handling all bikes is another thing we excel in. The detailing of bikes includes:

Our bike cleaning and detailing services offer professional results for your ride completed by trained, specialized bike detailing technicians. We have the specialized tools, excellent knowledge of motorbikes, and an eye for detail.

The bikers love to rumble and rev up their bikes. This can put pressure on the engine and the body. The tyres get worn out and premature by long rides. The detailing part handles the cleaning and coating part with ease.

The Detailing Mafia offers a complete Bike analysis and detailing package for all bike enthusiasts.




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A pioneer of mechanised car detailing business. The detailing mafia has been a stalwart in the field ever since its inception. We offer world class experience to the customer in terms of service, products and ambience. The detailing mafia believes in extreme dedication and provides excellent services as per customer’s requirement.We offer your car the treatment it deserves.
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